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Safe Haven

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Safe Haven
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Dirty Hippy

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This is sort of taken from both the defense and outreach thread and perhaps we should have a policy or agreement ahead of time.

Before it was mentioned that there are more and more KKK in Iowa. We also have the geographic advantage of being close to the middle of the U.S., not all the way on one side, and of being defended and self sufficient. So, this made me think of something.

Could we and would we outreach to blacks in the area, letting them know if they need safety they are welcome within our "walls"? Would we defend them? (I'm talking KKK, of course this applies to any other group that's needing safety but this is pretty general and not as much of an anticipated problem)

It could certainly be a step towards being a nonprofit organization (not sure about how that works, but it may be a plus).

We could also be able to help, as was mentioned before, by offering the homeless shelter...I think we should have a policy of mutual help, we give them shelter and food and they help out somehow. No requirements how, and if they can't that's fine, but part of anarchism as I've understood it is informal, willing mutual help. (I'm not actually sure if everyone here is an anarchist like LeReveur and I, if not please let me know! It won't matter, except for this sentence)

Building on that, would we want to serve as a sort of "base" or HQ for anarchists? Would we want to deal with the legal problems that might bring? Or could we just say, "go hang out on our property away from us so we can pretend we don't see you, there's a tent out there and some food, but if anyone asks it wasn't from us" and avoid the legal problems? Would we want to do any of this?

I ask too many questions, don't I?



What he said.
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Dirt-Under-The-Nails Hippy

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We can front ourselves as a nonprofit by operating partially as a sanctuary! yay!

This is a complicated issue I've been thinking on for a while, so please excuse me if this post is long. And you brought up a lot of issues in that short space!!!

So, we've discussed providing education, temporary housing, probationary periods, holding meetings and gatherings, and being active in the outside world (or it has been brought up... probably by me...).

There are a lot of things we'll be doing to make this commune function to begin with, and with the other things we're considering, it will be quite complicated to explain. However, the complications negate themselves by living and experiencing the way we do things, and planning is all fine and good but eventually we have to start implementing to work out the kinks and discover the ones we didn't anticipate.

So, let's tackle most of these issues at once. The one central issue presented here is interaction with people outside of the commune and outsiders within the commune.

If we offer services, education, sanctuary, bonfires, meeting space, beds, mutual aid, a code of honor valuing openness, and protection of the oppressed, we'll definitely be interacting quite a bit with people outside of our commune. That has its good sides and bad sides: we would prevent group polarization and separatist isolationism, but we would also be putting ourselves in the way of many more risks that can make things bumpy for us.

Most of these issues have to be decided at the commune itself, because the real test, again, comes from implementation. Now for the real breakdown.

If you haven't already, you could check out Anarchist U. Otherwise, there are many levels to education. Rather than breaking it down into the separate grade levels, I'm going to break this down by age groups and competency: infant/toddler, child, pre-teen/adolescent, teen, young adult, adult. What level(s) of education would we want to offer? Do we want to conform to the grade and school leveling in order to insure compatibility with the official school systems? Do we want to offer classes specifically for people past high-school? Do we want to keep education as a task specifically for commune members or do we want to bring in outsiders and offer a unique educational experience? My personal feeling is that we would do best emulating Twin Oaks and Anarchist U simultaneously: offer internships and classes and announce our class listings each term as well as creating an event of some sort specifically for anarchists to be managed by our commune and the intern(s). (I'll be putting this in the education section as well)

2)Services and trades.
For interaction, self-sufficiency, and monetary purposes, it would benefit us to have something we make, sell, do, or offer, because, let's face it, most of the world is capitalist, as much as I hate to admit it. What trades and/or services do we want to offer? How will we market them? How much money do we need for fees, bills, taxes, etc.? Should we all learn the trades or should each person specialize and then teach the trades to whomever is interested?

If we choose to, we can offer sanctuary to whoever requests it. However, this puts all of the members of the commune at risk, so unless we know the person to be trustworthy 100%, we should have a specific procedure for this and should not let the person seeking sanctuary out of our sight at any time (for both their and our protection). Do we want to make this a well-known public service or known directly to members of the nearby areas? Do we want to do this at all? Do we want any sort of time limits? Do we want to devise an underground railroad to get sanctuary-seekers to a safer and more permanent place? Should we restrict certain areas of the commune from outsiders? This is definitely something we could offer.

4)Temporary housing.
We could offer our place as a crash pad, as a facility for groups to use for meetings etc., rent rooms, and all that fun stuff. Do we want to consider this as well?

5)Community outreach.
Bonfires, parties, harvest festivals, our own holidays and traditions: this could be loads of fun! How do we want to go about this and what do we want to do.

Should we expect outsiders to read, understand, and abide by our code of honor?

And this last part is my favorite: a base or HQ for anarchists.

We, if we design our facilities properly, act as a central HQ for anarchists to meet, plan, strategize, converge, build, island hop, etc. We ourselves could be an anarchist group acting proactively within the US and elsewhere and use our own facilities for such a thing. We can host convergences and conferences and be a force of our own. Personally, I think it would be more than amazing if we had our own printing press! (I'll keep dreaming!) Is anybody else as interested in this as I am? If so, start a thread, please.
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Dirt-Under-The-Nails Hippy

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I didn't read it Laughing
I do think that offering shelter is a good idea.
and it is our responsibility, If just to oppose groups like the kkk.
but It would be nice to gain teh nonprofit status by doing so.

I have an american dream--
...but it invovles black masks and gasoline
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Education.  I wasn't thinking of having grades or levels or anything just more like little commuity education things.  Just knowledge for the sake of knowledge.

Services and trade.  If we do sell things we can't do it directly from the commune or we can't be non-for-profit.  But I am all for selling art and extra food.

Sanctuary  I would like to offer sanctuary to as many people as we can.  I don't know how they would find out about us though.

Temporary housing I don't know about meeting spaces but I think we should try to house people in need.

Community Outreach-This would be fun and we could and a good means of income.  Most of these would cost  us little to nothing and we could just put out a little basket that says donations welcome.

Values if we have a set of values and rules I think they should just be to screen out any one that we really wouldn't want on the commune.
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Dirty Hippy

Joined: 17 Jul 2008
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Location: California :(

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glorfon wrote:
Sanctuary  I would like to offer sanctuary to as many people as we can.  I don't know how they would find out about us though.

Flyers, posters, website, just talking to people and getting the word out...the only thing though is if we made a commitment to becoming a sanctuary we'd have to be ready. We can't call ourselves a safe haven if we aren't prepared to defend them physically, emotionally, verbally and perhaps legally. We may have to work with the law (like if a convict comes to us for sanctuary) or risk getting in trouble with them.

So if we DO decide to gt and figure out exactly how to be serious about it and figure out exactly how we're going to protect them as well as ourselves...

EDIT: That website thing brings up an idea...maybe we can start a blog for news and information about how we're forming and what's going on, and links to major discussions and decisions, as well as pages with very basic information? I'll post this on the overhaul thing.

What he said.
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Dirty Hippy

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1) Personally, I believe that beyond the basics, reading, writing, and basic arithmetic, we should simply put out our skills and teach all who want to know.  That means mainly non-conventional classes, such as cooking, gardening, parkour, martial arts, etc.  More of a workshop kind of thing than an actual school.  

2) Again, let us simply put out what we can do, in services and goods.  We can cook, so one possibility would be to offer a small catering service.  Or train people in martial arts or parkour.  Or offer community classes, such as computer use or cooking.  Things like that, rather than trying to do something like weaving, which we may not know or may not want to learn.

3) As for offering sanctuary, I think that we should offer a safe place for anybody who needs it.  No matter who.  And I mean: no matter who even if they have done something that is unconscionable to us.  We cannot judge others effectively.  However, I agree that they must be limited to a certain area of the community.  Until they can prove themselves of no harm and of use, they must be under watch, under probation.

4)  This ties in with the last post.  However, I think that "temporary housing" is a misnomer.  No housing we have should be temporary in the sense of trailers.  Rather, we should have perfectly usable housing that we would live in, set aside in a more confined area.

5) Definitely!  Another idea that ties in with number 2 is to offer community education classes.

6) I've posted about this in the other thread.

7) This is what I envisioned for this project in the first place.  As anarchists, we traditionally have no central meeting area, relying on things like the Crimethinc conventions and Burning Man as places to meet with others.  But I think the time is coming where we will all need a place where we can live, a place where we all know we are safe.  Eventually, our own nation, as micro as it may be.

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