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Animal Husbandry part 2
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Animal Husbandry part 2

What are we to raise?
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 25%  [ 2 ]
 12%  [ 1 ]
 25%  [ 2 ]
 12%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 8

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Erm...I'm still skeptical about cows, though.  What will they eat in the winter?  I've also had horses for years and they eat alot.  It can cost upwards to hundreds of dollars for feed and hay in the wintertime (unless you bale your own hay, which my father has done) but there are still the costs of maintaining a tractor, buying fuel, and purchasing expensive equipment.

And if a cow gets sick, you are looking at thousands of dollars for vet bills and medication.  Even the simple task of vaccinating them is costly.

And the issue of water.  Unless there is a creek nearby that can sustain large animals, we would have to deal with hauling water, or setting up an underground water system.

Don't get me wrong, my goal isn't to shoot down the idea of having cattle, just the fact that they are expensive and I don't want them to suffer because we can't take care of them.
My neighbors have cows, and I know several people who have raised cattle their entire lives and they are a full-time committment.
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I've got a friend in Idaho who kept a single cow and let it use their acreage as pasture. If we're considering sheep, cows, and alapaca, we may want to set aside a plot of land to be pasture and figure out how much we can sustain. We can also grow our own hay.

Additionally, this should probably be put in a different thread, but so far it almost seems as if we're planning on manually harvesting and growing. If we're not, we do need to look into equipment: donations or applications of funding toward this purpose might be a good idea. It would also make feeding our animals easier.

So, new thread for farm-equipment? And remember, tractors, etc., require gas, which requires money and pollution...
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I say neither.  We need to learn to live independently and not rely on animals for our own needs and purposes.  Besides, I hope everyone realizes how much effort and committment these types of animals require.

And besides, someone mentioned the idea of having cows/goats for milk, all other types of mammals, a cow or goat is going to need to be bred in order to produce milk.  What are we to do with all the young that are born out of it?  

There is a reason why we and all other types of mammals are weaned at a certain age...we don't need milk anymore!
Wed Aug 13, 2008 10:55 pm
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Well...true, we don't necessarily need milk, and we don't need the huge amounts of calcium and vitamin D that we are given.  But we do need some, though we'll probably be able to get what we need from the vegetables we raise.

As for harvesting, I am strongly opposed to using any petrol-powered devices anywhere.  So, either we do it by hand (a lot of work, but fortunately it's not that large of an area) or we somehow use mechanical (non-electric) means of harvesting.

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As far as pasture most of our green space (around houses and what not) we can let the animals graze on.  And in the winter they can eat corn & hay.

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