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I know there was talk about doing this, but I wasn't sure if anyone got on it or not.  So, I went ahead and got us a wiki (free, of course). is the site.

I thought this might be easier to use for managing all the information.  We can use it for storing decisions and such after they are finalized here.

That makes things a bit easier.


Twice as easy Wink


Why isn't it working? Sad

*edit* glorfon wins

Oh, btw, the "secret password" is moosifer.  Very Happy

Or we could have just made a page on the intentional communities wiki.

could have but didn't.

Are you going to do anything with the wiki? it's still mostly blank.

Not sure what to add there, really. I could do some work but...any ideas? :S

       Liberation Garden Forum Index -> Information Gathering
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