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Where are we now?

Everyone seems to be, including myself, extremely busy.

(LeRev, I still can't thank you enough btw. TY TY.)

Where are we all? Are we just busy or disinterested? Is there a way we can keep in touch on a regular basis that doesn't involve figuring things out, just a , hey, I'm still here?

Twitter works nicely...I use it a lot while working. Smile

Hey, what's up, still hanging around.

It's not that I'm extremely busy, but I'm definitly not disinterested.  It's more along the lines of: I don't really know what it is that I can do right now.  I mean, as of right now I have at least one, possible two, more years of college before I can commit to anything.

2 years of college do get in the way a bit...

Btw, twitter: unmeilleurreve. See, standardized.

Anywho, for those that might be interested, another option is opening up. There's a lot of empty storefronts, etc., and a growing anarchist culture in the Vegas valley (and high property values) that is easy to get involved with. With that in mind, I've had in the works for a long long time (years) the idea of starting a veggie-friendly cafe/restaurant/nightclub/venue totally owned and operated by people who have a reason to be interested (that's right, on principles aside from capitalism, though unfortunately operating under capitalist principles). For our urban beginnings, it's a possibility, and if we expand from urban to rural (or, as I will soon have written for your reading pleasure, from urban to rural to community of education), and it would leave an infrastructure intact after we step down for other people to do the same thing we did.


Definitely like that idea LeRev--plus it's a lot closer to where I live...

I'm curious about this anarchist movement, what do you know about it, how did you find out, etc?

And my twitter username is Poisonthemonkey -- I use it A LOT and it keeps me in touch with fellow anarchists/anarcho-communists and other leftists. So I know more than a few who would be interested when/if we really start. (Plus twitter is great as a newsvine kinda thing--I end up getting a lot of news from the people I follow, I barely go to news websites on my own anymore)

& Zee I know how you feel--everything's up in the air...

LeRev, I love the idea!  This kinda idea has been on my todo list for a while.

What about incorporating a student hostel into it, if that's possible?  I took a trip to Europe last summer and was really impressed by the youth hostels there.  I don't think there are enough of them here in the states.

Now that I think about it, I think there are a lot of places we could start: food co-op, nightclub, youth hostel, cafes, restaurants, etc.  Start an entire network infrastructure throughout the country!  None would be connected to each other legally (cuts down on paperwork, costs, etc), but socially they're all connected.

I think it should be in our minds (the back, at least) to try and set up as much urban support as we can.  Not just support, but just drawing people of similar mindsets together in a comfortable environment.  One of the biggest problem people like us face is simply finding others.  Either it's because of location (like me, in deep-rural minnesota), or because other groups are too tight-knit (most anarchist/fringe groups; though often rightfully so, since many can't afford gov't infiltration).

@ Selkie: Charles Johnson is the one spearheading the anarchist movement out there, and I helped get the A-Cafe's started. We planned on getting an a-cafe, infoshop, food not bombs, weekly meetings, conferences, and an indymedia started. We have the first 4 on that list going on already.

@ Zee: Ditto about the todo list.

Here's what I've been thinking. We operate the commune as a sanctuary and advocacy program catering to a diverse range of cultures and subcultures. We operate the nightclub/restaurant/cafe/venue according to our own principles and to benefit the commune and sanctuary/advocacy program. We interact intensively with the local anarchist community, offer meeting space and books/literature (free to read while eating or waiting for food).

Incorporating the student hostel would be easy enough, so long as they get health cards if they're working in the restaurant (the sanctuary would be a different story entirely, since there will have to be protocols to protect people, and the advocacy thing needs training).

I agree about the mindsets, and all of those places we could start up are things I think of as a healthy anarchist movement. I also agree that getting a national infrastructure would be a great ultimate goal.

The other thing that we'd be accomplishing is a personal goal of mine, namely establishing known cultural anarchist areas within towns so people know where to go if they're interested. Get a security culture going, too, and we're set.

The only thing I really don't want to see happen is for us to become as closed off to newcomers as other groups, especially anarchists, can be.  It's so hard to reach anyone if you don't let them in!  I mean, I can certainly understand the need for security, but the paranoid attitude that so many people take is unhealthy for any group.

Agreed. Polarization is also an interesting notion. Do we want to be okay with causing conflict and controversy? I'm all for it because I like knowing explicitly who my enemies, friends, and neutrals are.

As soon as we polarize, we have to close our doors to most outsiders, out of safety concerns for ourselves (depending on how far we polarize).

What I'd rather see is no known relation between to managers of the venues/etc and the polarized group.  Emphasis on known, since they could potentially funnel new people to the more radical division.  This way, the cafes/etc stay open, available, and comfortable for all people of all beliefs.

Or anonymity during polarization with no direct affiliation with anything? I'd have no qualms with that by any means.

Anywho, I guess I have 2 posts to write up now. Community of education and cafe/commune/sanctuary/advocacy suggestions. Fun stuff.

I've come up with a few ideas for the should I wait until you've posted your posts or start a thread on it?

You know what's really been keeping me busy? This little troublemaker...


Lucky you, that's a gorgeous cat!


His name is Boo. :}

Hopefully I'll be able to bring him someday...<3


I'm busy and disinterested.  It seems like we have most stuff figured out we just need to wait.  I still have four years of college ahead of me (at the Kansas city arts institute).  I still want to make this commune but I know it's really far off.  I kind of regret starting this forum and getting people all excited about it because now there's going to be a really long awkward time in which we will likely fall apart.

now there's going to be a really long awkward time in which we will likely fall apart.

That's partly my reason for wanting to start the urban commune earlier than the rural one.  If we can get that going in a year or two, that'll hopefully tide us over till we can start the rural commune.

I'm feeling that way about it, as well, Zee. We also need to save up a bit of money for the starting costs of anything in general.

My grandma is willing to rent out her house for a decent price, if I remember correctly, and we could start out there (2-3 br (not including living room, haha), 1-2 bath? mobile home). Entry-level job market is easy and plentiful (and I'll have a BA in psych to jump in with. I'm assuming I won't be the only one with a degree?) in Vegas, and if we want to do the restaurant/cafe/nightclub/venue thing Vegas is one of the best places. If we do the sanctuary/advocacy thing (I'll explain soon, I promise!) then we have a means of obtaining non-profit status. I'm willing to jump in immediately after college, and if I have money saved up, so much the better.

So, to put it short, 1) if we can find 1 or 2 places near to each other and anybody else is interested, who would be up for trying Vegas (or Henderson)? 2) Who would be up for operating a sanctuary/advocacy program (not shelter: sanctuary. Shelters are much harder to operate.)? 3)And who would be up for running a cafe/restaurant/nightclub/venue? 4) Who wants to get this started as soon as possible (as in, since I can't start until 2011, anybody who wants to start immediately and lay out a framework in an agreed upon location is free to).

1)I would.
2)I would.
3)I would.
4)I want to.

Surprise surprise, these are my suggestions and I'm willing to throw in. If anybody has other suggestions, ideas, plans, etc., please speak up?

Oh, and Glor, don't feel bad, and don't worry too much. So far as I can tell, even when discussion was up, Zee, Yvette (Selkie), yourself, vov, and myself are the only very active people, so 5 is a good starting number.

Agreed, 5 seems like a good number for starting a community.

1) Yes
   By 1-2 places near each other, do you mean housing places?  Or housing near the cafe, etc?
2) Yes
3) Yes
   Though can I maybe eventually run an Aikido dojo out of the same place?  Very Happy
4) Yes.
   Soonest, assuming I do graduate college and don't drop out, which I've been seriously considering, would be next summer, 2010. (perfect timing?)  If I do graduate, I'll have a Computer Science BA, which should be pretty good in the job market.

Did everyone just suddenly die!?!?

Yeah, I basically died. More accurately, I went back home to  Vegas over spring break.

Here's what I have to report:

The A-Cafe's seem to have devolved into one of those places older libertarians go to talk about the things they are interested in. It's very educational and they have speakers who give speeches about specific things, but otherwise it's disheartening. I didn't get to catch the Food Not Bombs and I heard the infoshop location has had some complications. We'll see what happens, but at the moment I'm looking for other locations and totally open to suggestions.

Also, for the advocacy thing, I need to do something for my practicum this semester. I'm thinking of developing a way to partially educate advocates over the internet and/or phone so they are semi-primed for full-on training, or making it so they can try to set up their own program. Would anybody/everybody like to volunteer to be my guinea pig? I'll need phone numbers and I'm pretty sure email isn't a big problem. Let me know soon!

That is pretty disheartening.  That's kinda what I want to avoid, no matter what we do.  An action is worth 1000 words, in my book.

I'm open for anything anytime (which is a total lie, especially with finals coming up in a couple weeks! Very Happy ).  I would prefer a VOIP option over telephones.  Skype, Voxox, etc.  If that's a tenable option, let me know.

I didn't die... much...
I kinda lost my pw and got too lazy to recover it... I'm back now!

Have been busy with school. I got made editor of my newspaper, whoohoo.

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