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What do you want?

What do you want with this commune.  How do you want it to look and operate?  What do you want to achieve with it? What is your biggest dream for it?  Don't worry about practicality or what other people are saying.  The further we aim the further we'll get even if we fall short.  We'll take the overlap and what we can agree on and use it to make a "Mission Statement"

So here's what I want

I want a tight knit community of Artist and Revolutionaries.  I want to live based on arcological principals.  I want to use this commune to teach people about our goals and seed other communes.  I want to have visitors lots of them students, tramps, tourists, etc.  Self sufficiency and being off the grid are not my top priority.  They're good goals in the long run but my first priority is housing a sizable community (20-60) and spreading the word about our mission and then weening ourselves off of society as much as we can once we are able.

The ultimate goal within my life would be a network of dozens of communes spread all across the country.  Each of them would grow and spread and seed as ours so that the growth would be exponential.  This network would spread sustainability and anti consumption.  The network could also collaborate on large projects rather then just many small communes.  Like a museum or a school or a small arcological city.

I feel like once we've established something stable we can provide the opportunity for various activists to come by and have food and housing in exchange for volunteer work allowing traveling anarchist or other friendly groups to stop in our area, and maybe even make it a central place of residence but traveling out often to various events that uh, need attention.

I want a place where people can live and thrive without having to work 40 hours a week to support themselves.  A place where comfort and company aren't based on how much money you have.  I'd also like a place that's self-sufficient as much as possible.  I guess most of this comes from an anti-capitalist standpoint; I really don't like money as it is now.

I guess I differ from you, Glor, in that I'd prefer a tight-knit group of 5-10 that functions well together, as compared to a larger group with a less-stable dynamic.  I also personally function better dealing with smaller amounts of people; large groups of people tend to annoy me.

I'd love to see more communes though, especially if we can base them around advocacy centers/arcological principles.  Having a country or even world-wide network of bases would be really cool.  It'd be good PR too.

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