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I just want to get a feel for when people can start.  For instance, I can start anytime from a year from now to four plus years.

When I can start really depends on how and where we start. If there were a finished commune I'd move as soon as I'd be able (ie bought the ticket). However that probably isn't going to happen and we'll likely all need to contribute to physically hashing the thing out - and I'll need to be able to move for an extended amount of time and be able to provide for myself financially. At the moment, I can't do that, and won't be able to for a few years. Moving in with someone and helping out while attending college I could probably do but that's unlikely as well.

So I've mostly convinced my fiancee that this is a good idea, and she'll probably be doing it with us. She's looking at a doctorate in microbiology, which will take her a while but make *bank*. I'm looking into a bachelors in psych if it'll get me a teaching job or probably going for a straight up masters in counseling psychology, for reasons I need to explain in another post and thread. 2 years minimum for me to finish up. Fortunately, if Katrina and I finish in our intended fields, it looks like we'll be able to easily finance the commune. Unfortunately, she's looking at 6-8 years for her schooling to finish up. All in all, it's mostly a "we'll see what happens," however if somebody else can finance getting some land and building materials (and provided I get a motorcycle), I can probably jump in as soon as I have transportation.

2 years if I can have somewhere to crash.

in three years I'll be out of college.  The plan will determine if I can start then or need to wait until I can bay off my loans.

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