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The Game

So, I think it was Rev, who mentioned us as a group playing some online game to bond while we're preparing for all this. Which is a fantastic idea, since we don't bond nearly as much as we should, and we should get used to interacting with eachother.

So, what suggestions are there? What do you want to play (that all or most of us can play?)

Some requirements I think we need:

Free, or we all have it already
Accessible...meaning, not high end graphics or anything, and as much as possible is available for everyone to play
Group oriented

With this in mind, and most people here seeming to be familiar with D&D, one suggestion was (I can't remember if it was me or someone else) play by post D&D. It allows us to all play even if we're not on at the same time. We would need someone to DM though. Will and I were talking and came up with some ideas which we'll share if we decide to do this.
Will also suggested instead of a D&D system, using "Mutants and Masterminds" (yes, it sounds odd and isn't geared towards fantasy), which plays the same but does away with classes and allows far more customization.

Beyond that, I can't really think of anything...thoughts?

By the way, if you guys go dnd....I can get you cute little drawings of your characters from a friend of mine. Like so...


Or, possibly, larger and full on portraits from another friend of mine.

I love you people.   Very Happy

Air Rivals (formerly Space Cowboy Online) is free, decent but not amazing graphics, lots of room for team interaction. Upside: the best online dogfights I've ever seen between GIGANTIC squads in 2 opposing nations. Downside: 1 quest per level until level 40, and up until about level 15 the quests will level you, meaning that the best way to play is PvP as a squad.

Guild Wars: not free to buy, but free to play. Actually a pretty fun game. : several games to play of various styles, all free and mmo.

Diablo II or Starcraft: cheap to buy, will run on a freaking DOS computer, free to play, slightly repetitive but lots of fun, monsters in Diablo II get stronger the more players there are.

Runescape: just putting this out there as a possible option, but overall a horrid game. 5$ a month.

WoW: fucking amazing game, year-long subscriptions are actually relatively cheap, a bit expensive to buy, but currently the single-best online game for groups or individuals around.

Hellgate London: freaking really fun FPS online multiplayer-based game with a good single-player.

Xbox 360 games: always and option and pretty fun.

There is one more game that I'm not remembering that was really fun. I'll ask my friend Mike.

*tries to think of game that is free* I mean come on, I thought the idea was being free.... otherwise.... I got this big PILE'O'GAMES right here.

Since we did get to FPS's why don't I recommend tremulous. its free and doesn't suck:

I own starcraft and Diablo2 and both are really old games.... like EEEWWWW GFX!!!

I have a runescape account (very old) and by the way it's free not $5 a month, lereveur.  If you want to associate with me off of this forum you can find me you can find me under the same account name on youtube, deviantart, stealthiswiki, instructables, and

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