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The Dreamer- Le RÍveur

Name: Alex Hawkins
Age: 20
Date of Birth: 12/06/1987
Birthplace: Las Vegas, NV
Sex: Male
Gender: mostly masculine
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship status: single and hating it
Current location: Henderson, NV
Attending college: The College of Idaho

Political ideology: anarchism.

Interests: Politics, philosophy, anarchism, spray paint, stencils, fantasy/sci-fi, romance, fashion, sword fighting, armor and weapon smithing, flowers, herbs, herbal medicine, cooking, carpentering, psychology, organizing, music, people, culture, networking, horses, urban exploration, infiltration.

Hobbies: spray paint and stencils, organizing, decorating, video games, climbing, hiking, sword fighting, fashion, writing, reading, urban exploration.

Favorite color: none.
Favorite color to wear: black.
Favorite fruit: guava, orange, banana.
Favorite flower: lotus, columbine, rose, water lily, orchid.
Favorite gemstone: opal, sapphire, diamond.
Favorite genre of food: thai, mediterranean, greek, mexican.
Favorite genre of music: electronic.
Favorite word(s): aloof, explode.
Favorite author: David Eddings.
Favorite movie: The Dark Knight.
Favorite person: Emma Goldman
Favorite living poet: Rebecca Fox
Favorite dead poet: Edna St. Vincent Millay
Favorite sex position: wouldn't you like to know?

Desired superpower: teleportation (with clairvoyance to avoid messes!)

Favorite place on earth: the desert, at night, with friends.

Now complete with Wordpress blog!

Now if I could only remember the URL for the blog... aha! [url][/url]

Ah, The Redemption of Althalus! †Now that was a good book!

Also, what type of sword-fighting (longsword w/(w/o) shield, etc...)?  Speaking of which, there is a SCA group about 30 mins away from gladbrook.  Very Happy

A fellow Eddings fan! Huzzah!

I like two-sword. I'm too light to effectively use a shield. I'd like to get into rapier, though.

Delightful.  That's also the style I tend towards, though I personally prefer two one-edged weapons such as wakizashis (you can hold them upside-down and brace them along the forearm).

I always liked a rapier.

Rapiers, while good, are almost useless against two shortswords, simply because the two-sword can com in closer than you can defend.  If you're good enough with a rapier though, I'd imagine you could keep the other at a long enough distance to bleed him to death.  Very Happy  Sorry.  I'm not really a fan of rapiers.

Yeah, but I try to stay a bit more European, myself. And I have LONG reach, so I try to take advantage of that. My rapier comes up to my bellybutton or higher when sheathed (tiny bit bladeheavy though..). I need to get a training rapier, though, cuz the one I've got is meant to kill so it doesn't bend enough. Diamond steel is what I've had recommended to me. Smile

My preference over a sword, as pathetic as it may be, is the javelin. I've made and thrown so many that i am actually effective with them. and rocket-pikes are just fun. ( stick hobby rocket engines on javelin).

Polearms are a really, really effective counter to swords. Ever fought a glaive in combat? Or a spear? If your javelin is long enough to outdistance a sword in melee, you're set unless the person has trained against polearms.

...throwing stars...  Cool

I would hereby like to extend a blanket invitation to any members of the commune, as it stands thus far, under the circumstances that they suddenly become burdened with abundant desire, time, and means of transportation, to come and stay at my apartment for as long as they'd like, free. Food is on you, housing is on me, and you can all meet my rats and sugar gliders.

This way, anybody who would like to can check out Caldwell and meet me, and if more than one person wants to stop by, then they can meet each other.

All of this comes up simply because I've been redecorating and rearranging, and it seemed like a good idea. That, and I'm one of the few people with a place of my own, though I would encourage other people to extend the same invitation if they can.

I wish I could...

I'd like to possibly take you up on your offer over my spring break (third week of march), if I can find transportation (hitching is a little more difficult out in my neck of the woods).
My parents are going to Arizona (god knows why, something about the weather Very Happy ), and I absolutely need to get the fuck out of here (I'd tell you why, but that'd involve admitting that I'd fallen in love with my best friend, and have been lying to myself about being over it, with which I'm still coming to terms).

I'd like to point out that I have fought both glaives and spears in combat, and they're not all that they're cracked up to be.  Slip past the point, get a hand on the haft, and it's all over.  Very Happy

You're welcome to. Let me know what dates to expect you and you're on your own for food, lol.

And as for their being overrated, the experience I had with them was in a line where they had sword and shield wielders on either side that would advance, so you'd be fending of 1-2 swords and a glaive when you didn't want to be.... lol. They're good when they have support, but by themselves there's nothing to them, I agree.

Okay guys, I've been switching all of my accounts over to unmeilleurreve from whatever they were. I apologize that this makes 2 accounts for me on here, I just don't know if removing my other account will also remove my old posts, etc.

OK.  Good to know.

Also, it looks like I won't be coming to Caldwell over Spring Break...

unmeilleurreve wrote:
Okay guys, I've been switching all of my accounts over to unmeilleurreve from whatever they were. I apologize that this makes 2 accounts for me on here, I just don't know if removing my other account will also remove my old posts, etc.

First off, who is this? Secondly deleting your old account would attribute your old posts to "guest".  Thirdly I'm pretty sure this forum supports name changes so there's no need to make a second account.

Damn, no french speakers.

This is Alex, or LeReveur, and I'm not changing names, I'm changing account names, logins, standardizing. Le Reveur means "The Dreamer", Un Meilleur Reve means "A Better Dream". But the rhetoric isn't important, I'm just getting rid of having to remember 30 usernames.

unmeilleurreve wrote:

This is Alex, or LeReveur, and I'm not changing names, I'm changing account names,

Yeah, you can do that without creating new account.  Just login to lereveur.  Go to you profile and change the account name.

Well damn, now that I know, I need this new account deleted. Can you fix that up for me?

Yep Yep. I'm on it.

heh... I still don't understand fuck in french, after 4 years of classes... well actually... I can say "nique ta mere"...
(i've been off for a while cuz I lost my PW and got lazy)

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