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Supplies: Have and Want

I'll update this list as we figure out more of what we have and want. Those of us who have a lot of items or are bringing pretty much everything, please try to catalogue things. I'll reformat this into categories when it becomes big enough.

Oh, and discuss this in the Other: Misc. Items section, please. This is for requests to have things made finalized.

Supplies available:
x kilns
2 desks
1 art desk
1 swivel chair
2 Gaming PC
1 regular PC
2 laptops
2 PSPs
x video games
1-2 TVs
2 microwaves
4 sewing machines
x thread
x fabrics
x herbs
2 hatchets
7 knives
1 typewriter
x+ books
x decorations
x paper RPG supplies
3-4 beds
1 car
0 rabbits
x cats
2 rats
3 sugar gliders

Supplies wanted:
x bikes
1 canoe or boat
1-4 fishing supplies (rod, bobber, sinker, hook, line)
7-11 beds
1-2 treadle sewing machines
x wind generators
x various plant seeds
x various herbs
5-12 desks (preferably low to prevent back, shoulder, and neck problems)
10-20 comfy chairs
5-12 desk chairs with high backs
x shovels
x picks
x hoes
x spades
x fire extinguishers
x First aid kits
x Basic medicines

I was just about to start a thread titled "wish list" when I spotted this.  Dang how long has this gone unnoticed. Add another laptop to the have list and 10-20 of these to the want list.


1 shitty laptop
1 PS3
1 PSP (sweet two?)
1 adjustable art desk
1 tiny, weird swivel chair for said art desk
1 comfy couch-chair thing...if anyone can help me bring it
x weird little things for decorations (like jade and stone buddha idea why)
Maybe 1 more bed

-1 rabbit Sad

Awww, poor rabbit.... Sad

Atm, everything I own fits in one room and is relatively frequently used, but:

2 desks
1 small entertainment center/dresser
1 card table

prolly a computer, which will become really outdated... so case & psu XD
most likely an audio system of some sort
I don't really own much furniture...

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