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We're going to be fucking SWEATY doing all this farm work Very Happy

We need to be able to make our own soap. Anyone know how? I suggest growing some lavender or something and tucking it in with our clothes to help with smell.

Most soaps use animal fat (glycerides) to work.

Possibly we could call up the company Tom's of Maine and ask them for info to help our commune?

Yea, its not like we can produce our own animal fat...

That's an idea XD Maybe we can use a bit of "real"/"normal" soap, melt it and mix it with our own scented herbs and stuff like mint and lavender, and cut them into small rolls or something (just enough for one use) so there's just enough for one use? Or everyone gets one big bar?

Soap is made by cooking animal fat and lye.  There's still some people that make it the old fashioned way so if we buy it (which we probably will) we should try to buy from them.

Yuck, yea, animal fat is gross.

but it cleans stuff nonetheless.

I know someone who makes their own (VEGAN!) soap.  Thus I know it can be done, and with a little work we may be able to get the recipe.


begin said work. too bad i can't help  Laughing

Vegan soap is phenomenal, and just as effective as normal soap.

what is the active ingredient in vegan soap instead of glycerides?
or is there a way to get them out of plants...

...glycerin is turned to NG is turned to dynamite... really how will we blow stuff up with no glycerin...
oh, well... on to the cotton to make smokeless powder!

Which acid do you use for that again vov?
tuffenoughtorock  TA-da!!

Lye, coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable shortening, and cocoa butter might be a bit hard to get ahold of.

And aren't lye soaps horrid for you?

Hmmmm....yeah, lye is harsh on the skin...Unfortunately, there are practically zero alternatives to lye.  One of the bad parts of soapmaking I suppose.

or we could use soap made from animal fats, your choice...

and its nitric acid... lol

Thought so, but I wasn't sure.

And how does one make lye? I thought it came from animal fats, too.

Off to wikipedia I go...

In modern day, lye is commercially manufactured using a membrane cell method, which is an improvement from the previous diaphragm cell methods of Castner-Kellner, Gibbs, and Nelson.


Both solid dry lye and lye solutions are corrosive and will degrade organic tissue.

and another random quote to mention how bad lye is...

and household uses, such as oven cleaner and drain opener.  (they would normally use 97+ %  H2SO4 for drain opener)

Lye is being considered for dissolving the tissue of deceased human bodies as an environmentally-friendly alternative to cremation.

thanks guys, but i don't want to be dissolved...

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