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Off-Grid House in New Mexico

A couple weeks ago, me and my gilfriend visited her uncle in New Mexico. They have an off-grid house they built themselves. I thought it was pretty cool and interesting and inspiring, and I thought maybe you would too. I took a bunch of pictures. They house is built, mostly, out of clay from their land. They use solar power and water they collect from rain on the rooves (though they get water from town for drinking). They have enough energy for most comforts: lights, computers, refrigerator, oven, washing machine. They have a well, but they haven't gotten it going yet. They have a bathroom inside with a toilet and shower, but also a compost toilet outside. They have a little guest cottage (which the two adults and their younger kid, about 10, lived in while building the house). They have a garden and a clothesline. The whole house was amazingly pleasant. I mean, it felt nice and open and clean, which just isn't quite what I expect when people talk about houses they built themselves with the clay from their land.

Photos here:

I'm impressed.

We might want to see how much of their power resources we can duplicate, and add our own. I have the feeling that we'll pretty much all want many of the amenities provided by power, and only want to sacrifice it if necessary (and unsustainable/not self-sufficient).

Same goes for water, though we might want to get the well going very soon (does anybody know anything about searching for aquifers in one's land?).

Compost toilet sounds great, too.

Clothesline is a must.

Wow, looks pretty cool. I'd definitely take all the advice from you that you can Very Happy

We have a well at my house, I can ask about it.

There are also companies that specifically exist to use big equipment and dig wells. That could be a possibility.

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