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Living at the Commune

So far, pretty much everybody is definitively interested in living at the commune that is a member in these forums. However, there seem to be 5 people active in the forums: Glor, Zee, Vov, Selkie, and myself.

It would be pertinent to know how many of us plan to be living at Populus Terra as their main plan, how many intend to be transitional, how many are hesitant and are waiting to see how things come along, and how many are just participating in discussion.

I'd also be interested in seeing activity amongst our less active members increase, if they'd so please, so that we are getting more input from the various people involved and go in a direction mutually beneficial to all.

Well, I'm all in,  but you probably assumed that.  At the end of the month I'll be sending out a newsletter which will hopefully remind inactive members to come back.

personally, i like to provide all of the help in the form of information-input, and seeing on how this goes, i would probably like to be a member.

While I will eventually be travelling more, stirring up more unrest ( Very Happy ), in the beginning I will be a full-time member.

I picked "a transitional member planning on this being their fallback or home-base," but it's really more like "I might be interested in participating for a while at some point."

(Can anyone direct to the page where this discussed, or just answer: When are people thinking of getting stuff going in the physical way?)

I don't think there is such a page.

I believe Glor was thinking ~5 years.  But that seems like much too long for me.  I finish college in 2 and would hope to start full-time around then.

I also will be ending college in about 2 years, and 5 years is WAY too long for me. Maybe the people who will be ready in 2 years can start it, get it ready for those who need to wait longer?

Agreed.  If anything we can start clearing and prepping land for food and buildings.

I say, if at all possible, we start listing supplies and saving funding (individually, of course) so that we can buy lumber, brick, tools, etc.

I finish college in 3 years, and plan to go to grad school to pursue a doctorate. I also plan to "stir unrest" via national and local networking and action. However, I plan to make the commune my primary home and put every necessary ounce of effort into its realization.

damn it, i am still 15, i don't know if i really want to be in this shit... i will still be thinking about it.
maybe later in the communes life i will join.

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