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Liberty Garden name poll

Here it is, the much anticipated and eagerly awaited, not at all nearly repetitive or redundant, poll for the easy-reference name for Populus Terra. The "Liberty Garden".

Why was this name suggested? For one, it is reminiscent of the Victory Gardens from WWII (I sure hope it's 2 and not 1!), except we're not looking to conquer or dominate. Of course, Freedom Garden *could* have worked, but Freedom is nothing without the Liberty with which to exercise it. Some of us also feel that this is representative of our goals as a commune, namely that we're to some extent trying to liberate ourselves and the earth from human destruction.

Additionally, garden is a bit less... extreme or suspicious than commune to our surrounding neighbors. It may even give a good buzz to the more patriotic among the populace and may gather some favor from their ranks.

So, pretty simple poll. Does Liberty Garden work for you? Yea or Nay.

I thought it was supposed to be liberation garden.  Confused


I am pretty sure the name's taken...

liberation garden, on the other hand does not show up as anything on a google search *yet*

Whoah, I hadn't read carefully either! I thought I had voted for liberation garden.

Liberation Garden sounds good to me!

so we accept liberation garden, or we get bueracraticly shittastic and vote again?

I accept it.

then rename the forum...

I love it!

Liberation or Liberty works fine, too, if you want to change it because of the same names.

Freedom Gardens sounds better than Liberation Gardens though.

... well the idea was that we are liberating ourselves and others and are therefore liberation gardens.

Or should we just call it whatever we want and see what it settles to?

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