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fish farming

Can we move for a definite yes or no on fishing and fish farming? Like 1)Fishing: yes or no. 2)Fish Farming: yes or no.

I would personally say yes to fishing and yes to fish farming for anybody who is willing to fish and farm fish, so long as the farmed fish were treated humanely.


1) 1 yes 0 no
2) 1 yes 0 no

I don't see a poll anywhere...

Yes to fishing, no to fish farming. Dislike the idea and might take too much work and stuff. My fiance apparently is a good fisher, too. Plus it might be fun if you're into that sort of thing, instead of just corralling the poor little guys. I think I'm against anything that involves raising animals to eat...

If only there were a section of the forum where we could have an actual poll.  *sigh* if only.

I just don't see fish farming as sustainable or necessary.


Though, the farms would have to be pretty big for me to accept in, no cramped little pools.

What I think alot of you are over looking with fish farming is getting the fish.  First of fish wont just have sex in a tank.  They spawn and they spawn at specific places.  So, we can't make our own fry (baby fish).  Which means we would have to buy fry from a fish hatchery.  Every fish we would raise we would have to BUY!

Definitely no!

The requirements for the facilities are outrageous!  You need tanks at the precise temperatures, keep in mind the risk for diseases and parasites.  Also, farming fish on a large-scale would cost a lot for food for the animals.

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