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Considering Canceling the commune

I'm considering canceling the commune.  At least the commune as we currently envision it.  Here's my resoning.

It is a very distant goal.  I wouldn't be available for it for at least 6 years.  That kind of long term planning is too difficult.  It is a hindrance to feel like you have an obligation to your future self. I don't want to disappoint you later on.  I don't want anyone to make a big decision on the hope that this commune will happen and then be disappointed.  I'd rather homestead on my own and later other people can join if they like what I'm doing.  I don't know want to feel compelled to please everyone.  We don't need it.  There are many other communes out there.  It would be best for each of us to find a commune that suites us and is convenient for us.

As for the site I'd either close it or let the urban commune project take it over.  Let me know your thoughts.  I don't have internet access so I have to go to the library to check the forum.  I probably wont be back for a few days.

there's a difference between canceling and putting an idea on hold. I'd prefer if we did the latter.

I'm planning on making this a commitment regardless of who is or isn't involved. I'm dropping out of college (both involuntarily and voluntarily) but I'm staying in Caldwell to get the larger advocacy program going so we have something to work with for the urban commune.

I still want to make the several step transition from urban to rural, and letting you go off and homestead and see how that works sounds like a good plan, besides, you'll get a lot of information from it. I'm also planning on picking up different crafts and trades to share with everybody before going into the commune full-force, such as carpenter, tailor, seamster, metalsmith, horticultural herbalist, handyman, etc. I've got 3 years, and I have a girlfriend that I want to bring into all of this.

Also, now that I have internet at home and a new apartment, I'll finally get more writing done on the commune for the proposals I have and a more in-depth analysis of the advocacy program, transition planning, and the community of education proposal. I also hope to research and network with other communes because, even though there are plenty out there, none of them fit my notion of a commune for "free spirits." (new notion, btw, anybody else read Nietzsche?)

So I don't want to cancel anything and I'm still in full-force. I just didn't have a phone or interenet at home with which to communicate, and I was busy failing college (it's too slow and rigid for me).


I'm in the same boat as LeReve, or at least a similar one.  I'm done with college in one single year, and after that I plan on diving headfirst into the urban commune (hopefully alongside others).  Like LeReve, I'd like to see a slow, stepped transition to a more rural location, for a number of reasons.

Unfortunately, my trades aren't exactly the best for commune life; that is, a martial artist, a computer scientist, a sword-fighter aren't exactly the best of skills to bring to a commune.  But, I can cook, and I can work, and I can learn.

I'm always open for communication.

hahaha I'm still in HS. well... I do want to help as soon as I finish with my education... although I do plan to go through college and all.

Well, I understand that you guys want to form a commune.  But does it need to involve me?

No, and we're definitely not going to try and make you stay.

There's a lot of knowledge on this board though, and I'd hate for it to all just disappear.  I'd be glad to take over management of the board stuff (is there any?) as I'm always around.

Alright. now we need to search for land again. -.-

Well...not really.  At least, not yet.  Since we're going to be coming together in an urban commune, we can use that as a planning and jump-off point for a rural commune.

Yeah, I can totally hand over power to the board to Z.  That's the main reason for this thread was to get the board off of my hands.  Is everyone else cool with Z as new administrator?

I'm cool with it.

I'm for it.

Is this forum zombie like?

I've noticed the last post in this entire forum was in July-Aug 2009.
It's now early-mid January 2010...
I think we need a Commune&member status update.

here is my reintroduction:
Miquela Drumm
29yrs old,
currently taking up space in a corner of family members' home
in Marshalltown, Marshall co. Iowa, USA
not self sufficient currently

Primary Interest: Survival (food, water, shelter, heat)
Secondary Interests: Computers, A.I. and robotics, virtual real estate, bicycling, music, movies, alternative energy, self sufficient and living off grid (shouldn't live without internet!!!), aquariums, LGBT Activism,...

Alexander Hawkins
22 yrs old
Currently living in Caldwell, Idaho with my fiancée Katrina Miller.
Currently self-sufficient.

Primary Interest: Creation of a series of self-sufficient, interdependent small communities in which to reside with people of a like mind.
Secondary Interests: Computers, political philosophy, psychology, art, music, stenciling, alternative living, self-sufficient off-grid living, immorality, and much, much more.

Soooo sorry for the looong delay in posting. As promised, I've been working on a lot of things in regards to this and I'm in the middle of the formal writing of it all. I'd be a bit better if Ubuntu hadn't crashed because of plugging in a 2nd-generation ipod nano into the computer during the bootup.... I want to kill the fucking thing.... grrrr.....

So, here's to not cancelling the commune because if it is cancelled, I'm going to just have to find another group of like-minded and interesting people to do it with, and that takes for fucking ever, haha.

Btw, I just learned how to make your own water-tight basement and foundation, but I don't know what kind of foundation walls one needs for a cobb-house foundation. Should be fun. I'm in the middle of reading about wood and masonry houses and how to get the roof up, the walls up, lay out frames, put in chimneys (btw, with inserts or woodstoves you don't lose that much heat and you don't use as much wood, and all the smoke goes outside for certain. With a masonry fireplace it gets even better, in my opinion), and form a cohesive group.

Additionally, I have personal project that I want to discuss with members of the group, and I have to admit it sounds very strange. What if you mixed art, philosophy, psychology, situationist theory, magick as it relates to the qabalah (heavily destroyed and used as just a foundation) and the collective subconscious, and religion with no element of worship into a cohesive group of people. The ultimate goal would be the study of different methods of living and production of things necessary for living via experimentation in order to determine what works, what doesn't work, and what fosters the most happiness with no regard to philosophies, etc., so as to remain grounded in reality.

Anywho, I'm back, and now that I can intermittently get internet access at my apartment I'll be here. My studies of these things are almost finished to the point that I can make a proposal for the initialization of my personal projects.

ADDITIONALLY! Look into the hOUR barter system. I'd like to propose Hamilton, Montana as the location for the commune, as it is rural, property is cheap, and there is another commune (or intentional community) in the area that we might be able to establish trade with.'

Anybody else here?

Never left, friends.  Very Happy

Benjamin Cole
Morris, Minnesota
Not Self-Sufficient

Primary Interests: Martial Arts, Total Self-Sufficiency
Secondary Interests: Psychology (specifically in Causal Psych [what caused this behavior?], and happiness), Philosophy (meaning of life, stuff like that), Teaching/Passing on knowledge

@LeReveur - Your project sounds interesting, but I'm a little lost as to where all the different pieces fit...Is this a thought experiment, or are you thinking of actually testing these beliefs?  It might be hard to find people who can put their belief in everything listed at will, but I'd certainly be willing to try.

I think canceling the commune would be a supremely silly thing, though I also think that if we don't have more than the 5 people (or so) that we have, we might not be able to pull it off...

I also am getting very to close to being in a position where action is needed.  I will be finishing my college degree anywhere from winter '10 to spring '11.  After that's over with, I'll need someplace to go.  Unfortunately, if there aren't any other options, I might end up in the military (though this is not a Supremely Bad Thing, I'm actually interested enough to seriously consider it).  But if the commune is ready to be started then, I'd much rather do that!

The hours barter system (I assume you're talking about something similar to Ithaca Hours) would work between communities only if they either had everything they needed between them, or they had goods of high-enough value that the surrounding community would participate.

Are we still considering an Urban Commune?  If all goes well, I'll be in Eugene, Oregon from Fall '10 to Spring '11, and will hopefully be more able to travel up and down the coast.  I'm a bit more interested in an Urban Commune, at least as a step towards a rural commune.  

Another thing we should probably plan for is personal change.  I know that I personally will probably not dedicate the rest of my life to this project.  I suspect that the rest of you probably don't want to either, even if all you want is to travel.  The way I figure it is that we actually try and have a full commune all the time, and that way, when we leave, others can pick up the slack.  Also, we should also make plans to prevent any small number (2-3, I should think) of people from having too much control/power in the group, even if it's just in others' respect for them.  That way, not only do we prevent an oligarchy, we also prevent a power vacuum should one of those people leave abruptly.


Also, Selkie, if you're still here, I'm also a survivalist (in that I believe I should be able to thrive with nothing but my bare hands).

@Zee: Not a thought experiment and not a fit into the situation and try it out. More like creating the situation and scientifically analyzing to the best of our capabilities the actual outcomes, effects, results, influences, etc. So far I have 5 large-scale experiments and a peculiar organizational method to put it all together with, though I'd be more comfortable explaining it in an instant messenger. (unmeilleurreve on aim, yahoo, live, or gmail).

As for cancelling, like I said, if this one says caput, I'll do it anyways. Additionally, a starting base of 6 people would actually be really effective, at least just to start out.

As for the urban commune, I'm currently engaged and living with my fiancée, and I know Selkie is engaged as well and hopes to live with her fiance. My situation is, accordingly, a bit less flexible at the moment as she's going to grad school (whereas I have no plans to anymore. Woot for graduating in 2012!). I think if we go for the urban commune we should be prepared for being somewhat spread out but avoid it at all costs.

Since the whole grad school thing makes it so Katrina and myself won't know where we'll be going (gotta get accepted and all that jazz), I don't know if I'll be able to jump right into the urban commune. However, Zee, if you'd be willing to act as a vanguard with any other willing commune members into a foray, we'll see how things go. I believe the basic strategy for the commune at the moment would be to find all willing members capable of migrating, select a central location, and then up and move. Sharing of what resources are available, such as tools and food, is promoted, and crafts, meals, projects are taken up together. You kinda have to wing it from there.

If the central location is compatible with a viable grad school that Katrina is accepted at, you will have us on-board and present.

Additionally, my personal secondary plans include eventually moving to Hamilton, MT in order to allow Katrina to work at the National Institute of Health and obtaining a minimum of 20 acres (from a combined salary between a researcher and a psychologist high-school counselor or somesuch) and building a very large multi-story cobb house with a great hall instead of a living room and den in order to be able to entertain everybody at the same time and for large shared meals, large crafting projects, dance parties, etc. I'd like to include this as part of a primary plan if people like the thought of having their own abodes designed and built in their preferred manner, thus eliminating uniformity and giving people a feel that a piece of themselves has been instilled in their home.

The hours barter system is also implemented in Hamilton, MT, which is why it came up, and a large variety of services and resources are available through it. We'd be able to make an impact with what we propose to do, especially if we wish to offer services.

On the note of planning for personal change, I think the option of building your own customized house and obtaining resources from outside the community in the form of liquid or solid capital in order to enrich the commune and not make you go stir-crazy is a viable consideration. Additionally, if anybody is willing to jump into the creation I'm dedicating my life to, additional cells and additional experiments are a good way to maintain a high degree of flexibility.

I agree with the notion of preventing the possibility of a power vacuum or total collapse by keeping power distributed equally, and propose doing that through promoting a high degree of autonomy and interdependence. Autonomy through personal initiative and interdependence through realization that resources and leisure are afforded through communal efforts. That way, if one person does just disappear or drop out, autonimity acts as a strong buffer.

Since I have no particular opinion as to where we base ourselves, why not be based in the town where your fiancee is going to grad school, as compared to choosing a location and then hoping for the best?  Frankly, I'd rather stick with the group of people who've been on board for a while than try and find new people right off the bat (or rather, require new people right away).

I very much like the idea of a grand hall.  It plays into my sense of theatricality and fantasy, plus it's proven to work by decades of history.  I do think that, especially for families, there should be individual housing options available (maybe single people live in the central complex and couples live in separate [possible connected?] housing?  Something to consider).

I also agree that people need to have occupations (time occupations, not wage slavery; is hobbies a better word?) outside the commune, for exactly the same reasoning.

Mind detailing your life creation?  I don't really remember it, and I'd like to know what it's become and how it's changed in the past few months.

I'd be willing to try the hours system, but I'm a little apprehensive.  I'm worried that if we needed something outside the community, would we have enough capital outside of our Hours to obtain it, or would everything we have be tied up into Hours?  Can Hours be exchanged for USD?  Things to look into.  I'm most certainly NOT trying to shoot it down out of hand.  I just want to make sure we'll be able to get everything we need.

Noir poked me and informed me there was some activity again, so poking my head in and affirming that I'm still interested and willing, albeit probably not helpful.

A bit tired and busy so I won't be making a big long post, at least not at the moment. I'll read through everything new when I get a chance. When I was last here, I was a student of journalism. Still am, but I've realized that my interests are a lot wider, so trying to figure out what to do with myself. Reve mentioned my fiance, who was a member here, we recently broke up but I could look into the possibility of him staying on board.

Anyway, time to read up on everything I've missed.

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