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Code of Honor phase 1

The first phase is the implementation of the Code of Honor, which I think we should give unanimous consent for. Please discuss this before voting.

For those who haven't followed in the other threads, the Code of Honor can be a combination of our outright rules and our values. When we decide if we want something like this, we get to go into forming it: phase 2.

So, discuss and then cast your ballots.

I love your values not rules idea! It's perfect for an anarchist community since rules sort of defeat the point, though general non-enforced policies still work.

Here's mine.  This is what I live by, and is more than just a code of honor; it's also a code of ethics and morality.

Basic Ideas:

* The only evil is intentional malevolence for selfish reasons or just for malice's sake.
 - Do no evil; suffer no evil to be done.
 - Your basic needs (ref: maslow) are more important than anything else.  Take care of those first and foremost.

* Change is an immutable force that cannot be stopped.
 - Always have hope and optimism, because at some point everything will change.
 - You cannot change the past; settle for shaping the future.
 - Death is simply a change we all must undergo.  It is a sad thing, yes, but it should be celebrated as well.

* A person's business is their own, private thing.
 - Unless explicitely asked, do not involve yourself in others' business.  Even then, keep all intrusion to a minimum.

* There is always a choice.
 - Even if the choice is between life and death.

* A promise is as binding as life itself.
 - A friendship is a promise; a promise to trust, to never judge, and most of all, to support, against all odds and enemies.

* Act, don't speak.

* Happiness is the ultimate pursuit
 - Money will not make you happy.

It's not complete, I started documenting it not long ago as an introspective project.

Zeerahks, those are good rules to live by but I think as an anarchist group we should keep to LeReveur's idea of just honoring values. IE, if you do something which directly opposes one or more of the values, you've "broken the rules". But this would leave plenty of room, since not every situation or person is the same. In the end, the general point should be to keep the community and to keep harm from happening to any members (whether harm of their person, their liberty or their happiness, priority in that if someone's happiness depends on limiting someone's freedoms it probable isn't ok)

With the "priority" of rights in mind I think we should have prioritized to preserve one you can break a lower one? Like, your rights to happiness are not equal to someone else's rights to life. I propose something like this, very basic and to be worked with...

1. Nonviolence/Life/Peace
2. Freedom/Anarchism/Liberty/Privacy
3. Happiness/Continuation
4. Openness/Truth/Acceptance

Or something...LeReveur is far better at this sort of thing XD

Yeah...sorry about that, I was a little rushed and didn't read everything.

Good ideas.  I definitely support basic.   Makes it way easier to understand.

Definitely...and beyond understanding, the problem with rules is that there will always be loopholes, and it's easy to ignore the meaning of the rule in order to justify something bad. Values are also better for anarchists and if we all agree that they are important and are our own values, there will be  a lot less problems.

I'm going to open up phase 2. However, I think it is extremely important to note something.

My current college employs a very, very broad, very simple honor code. A college I'm considering trying to transfer into employs an honor code of its own. I have come into conflict with the ideas and intentions of both honor codes, and trying to bind myself to both my personal morals and the honor codes of any institution is a trying experience.

With this in mind, I sincerely recommend that any code of honor we do put together first and foremost does not contain anything that anybody finds in any way disagreeable at any time or in any circumstance. This means that it should be unanimously agreed upon with absolutely no points of contention. I also think that we should structure it in such a way that, in the event that we gain new members to the commune or our personal philosophy changes with experience, we will open it up to be altered, rewritten, etc. so as to make it as open and acceptable as possible.

Thus I conclude Phase 1, though it only has 6 votes. It would seem we only have 6 or so people active in the forums and sincerely interested in living at the commune, by the way.

Sorry: forgot to vote Very Happy

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