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Can someone give me a quick overview of our plans?

I'd like to know what has happened since my period of being an annoying know-it-all kid (I still am sometimes, tell me to shut up. :p )

What's the general plan? what are everyone's intentions in relation to this project?

lol, there was a long, long period of no discussion, and atm it looks like Selkie, Zee, you, and me are the people intending to be involved.

The general plan is to possibly start out as an urban commune once we've succeeded in becoming graduate students and building up resources and personel in order to move in to a rural commune and start out in full swing. This is, of course, unless we can figure out a viable way to start out in a rural commune in full swing.

My proposal is to include a temporary emergency sanctuary and an advocacy program and integrate the activities needed to sustain the commune as a means to institute us as a 501c(3), thus making it so we can provide a necessary service in the most moral means possible, and the cheapest.

ok... do we have an idea as to where we want to do this? (should we be searching for a city which will let us be a tax exempt organization easier?)

It would probably be a very good thing to search out a good city for both the urban and rural commune. Just fyi, Pocatello's city ordinances won't let more than 3 unrelated people live in one household, for example, so different ordinances might be pissy.

How about a running tally of cities that we recommend, and separate threads for possible and undesirable cities?

So.. glorfon lost interest in rural commune == we lost supply of land for that project when we are ready for such action?

now, not having looked at any relevant ordinances yet, I am tempted to suggest DC because of the readiness with which activists go there for events. This makes it easier for us to recruit more manpower (both temporary and permanent).

Hey.  Apologies for my lateness.

I've got one year of schooling left, during which I will be attending Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR.  After that, I intend to get a job and stay out in Oregon (as long as possible/needed, that is).

I suspect that California or Oregon may be our best bets; they seem to be the most welcoming to groups like ours (though that could just be a stereotype that I'm propagating... Very Happy )

I'm still here, yup.

Though whether I'll be able to eventually join you all is unclear, I'd still like to support where possible. Decided to no longer pursue journalism and will be pursuing a graduate degree, and since I'm at the start of my education it'll be a few years. 'Course, if I can somehow work this into a school project...

If we're all in college at the moment, doubt this'd be of interest to anyone, but wanted to suggest that if anyone is looking for some way to gain skills (like myself) I've been reading about Americorps (domestic peace corps) and the skill building/money-getting benefits there. Even better would be to volunteer in a community which we're already considering.

I'd like to add Washington to the list of suggestions, though I admit my reasons are completely selfish. =P

California and Oregon do have that stereotype. I'm not sure about Oregon but if you're thinking about California, lean towards Northern California, hands down. I've been looking into Humboldt University for my master's degree and I was pretty stunned by how leftist and open the entire area is. There's some really cheap land around, too.

I'm back!  Here's the short version.  I'm going to college in Kansas City right now.  I've got 3 years left.  I spent some time at a place called arcosanti and learned about arcologys.  I want to build a community like arcosanti.

The Long Version

I'm going to the Kansas City Art Institute.  My first year of college went terribly.  The community is horrible.  Most people there don't have any passion and only want to do art as a job not a lifestyle.  There was one really cool girl, Ryan, but she left.  She abandoned all of her things in her dorm and went train hopping around the country and is now in New York.  The classes were easier then what I did in high school and this led me to apathy.  During the Winter Semester I took a class at Arcosanti in Arizona.  I got to live in a communal setting, learn about Arcology theory, which I'll make a post about eventually, and work on a farm, planting oats and building a greenhouse.  But the potential gain from this was bogged down by all of the drugs, drinking, social drama, and apathy of my classmates.  I lost my direction in life.  I legitimately forgot what my goals were.  This led to a major freak out earlier this summer where I felt like there were no good paths for me in life.  Then I met up with some of my high school friends and got back in touch with Ryan.  While talking to them, it clicked, the reason I didn't know which way to go was because I was looking for my place within society, and I don't have or want one.  My friends and I discussed building a creative community and that led me back to what I had learned but ignored at arcosanti.  The excitement of thinking about community building and designing arcologys led me back here.  I'm going to continue with schooling for another three years and I'll probably have t o get a full time job for a while, but all the while I'll be planning and saving so that I can distance myself from society as soon as possible.

I'm currently in Minnesota for the summer. If anyone can visit me there shoot me an E-mail.  I'll be going back to Kansas City in a month.  I'm renting an apartment there which you're all welcome to crash at if you're in the area.

Glor! Welcome back, I thought we'd lost you forever!

It heartens me to see that somebody else feels the same way I do about a lot of things. I look back at my childhood and teenage years and realize that I had no role model. I thought about that for a while, and it occurred to me that there is no role that anybody can model for me, and that with what I intend to do, create, help do, and help create, there are no trails, no paths, no leaders, no nothing. It's lonely, and I keep getting my hopes crushed when I think that there is this group of other people that actually want to *do* something. Those people end up being dramatic, fitting themselves into various roles and subcultures, or being stagnated and useless.

The arcology model seems interesting to me (after a brief wikipedia overview) and seems to correspond what I eventually want to do. My word for it was a "community of education" with free early-education through college education being provided in a scientifically-viable manner, all of this within a totally self-sufficient community. Scientifically viable means no more of the bullshit "this many hours of these classes in a room with desks reading these approved books and listening to a professor tell you what you just read."

To me, it sounds like you learned a lot about exactly what we should be doing. I don't know much about what Arcosanti was doing, but the notion of arcology rings all the right bells for me.

Welcome back!!!

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