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So, I read about this small commune, that looks very similar to what we want (though Berior might not be happy about the mostly vegetarian meals).

Unfortunately LeReveur has not yet put forward his proposal for a temporary "urban commune" (can't wait till he does!) but, I'm curious, what are your thoughts on instead merging into or asking the advice of this group?

Whew, this means I get to avoid say that.

I as well had been considering just joining a preexisting commune.  There's one starting in Wisconsin that seems amazing.  I had been preparing intro to the thread and everything.  Here's the three possibilities as I see them.

1. Abandon Lib. Gardens and just disperse so that we can each find the commune that's the best fit for each of us.

2 (this is what I'll be doing even if we go with 1) Donate our land to another commune so that we can be independent geographically but have a wider community to help us.

3. Remain independent but ask for guidance from preexisting communes.

Another option would be keeping the land, but going off to different communes anyway, then later coming back and starting one that combines the best of what we've learned.

All in all, I'm not to enthusiastic about joining a commune that's already started.  I'd be much more for sticking to the plan to start a new one (regardless of what it's called Very Happy ) and instead contacting other places for advice, etc.

This "urban commune" is new to me, but it's right along the line of something I've kinda wanted to try at some point.  One interesting idea would be to start a "temporary" urban commune, then eventually trying a rural commune (get a feel for both, decide which one suits our purpose [whatever that is] more).

what do you mean by urban commune? How does it sustain itself?

Commune aren't by definition self sustaining.  Though I would hope ours would be.

*feels like a dumbass*  Embarassed

Well...I'd hate to go and split off from you guys, a bunch of geeky anarchists and communists or whatever the hell we all are is just too great  Laughing

Well, LeRev's taking a while with his urban commune idea...I may as well explain a bit as well as what I was hoping.

LeRev was thinking, after college, we move in the same area in a city or something, perhaps in the same apartments or a rented house, and work together, and basically save up money together while getting to know eachother as we prepare the commune.

I like this, however, I was thinking (and Berior agrees) it would be better to start a temp urban commune while we're still in college. Very close to where I live is downtown/midtown Sacramento, one of my favorite places in the world (kind of like San Francisco, only not as expensive and flat, and less...flamboyant!). It's full of victorian houses to rent, beautiful apartments and flats, wonderful small business and unique shops. Every building is different, most people ride their bikes there (no wonder, the streets are pretty confusing to drive in), its a nice mix between urban and suburban depending on where exactly you are (downtown is generally full of skyscrapers, midtown is the victorian houses where the young and poor live, oldtown is a small shopping area full of really unique stuff). The entire area, except for of course the large business skyscrapers, is very progressive, left-wing/libertarian/liberal, etc. It has a very active art, charity, music, etc scene. I love it! This looks like it might have more info

Anyways, it's very close to several colleges (community, state, and I believe a uni, would have to check past that) and is the perfect environment if the group would be interested in temporarily starting a mini urban commune there while we get through college.

BTW, wish me luck with Journalism!

I like the idea a lot, though I plan to be finished with college after next year (crossing my fingers).  Of course, there's a chance my parents will cut off my funding beforehand.  If that happens...well, let's just say I'll be ready for anything.

I've heard great things about Sacramento (relatives used to live there).

Did I say that I really like this idea?  Very Happy

(new thread?  new subforum?)

Well... being still in high school, with intent to go to college, I can only really give advice and rally support for now, so.... do what you want for now :p

Well...I'm starting classes in a few weeks (Jan 17) but live pretty close to that area of Sacramento so moving and possibly transfering colleges would not be hard for me at all. Dunno about the rest of you, though, not sure how we'd get started, if we wanted to do that.

BTW, they have this wonderful little cafe...


With live bands, sofas, board games, wifi, and omg the best waffles ever.

Their bathrooms have the creepiest art ever though.  Shocked

I think I'll start a new thread on this...

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